ESPN Fantasy Football is one of the largest, if not the largest, among the fantasy football sites on the Web. Millions of people join leagues daily, and most of those people are obsessed to the point of borderline legal insanity.

Recently, I ran into problems with my Motorola DROID X, which caused me to not only get a new device but also to lose all of my backed up data. Luckily, the Android Market allows you to redownload apps, including paid ones, that you had already downloaded, for free. I was able to retrieve most of my paid apps, but one important app was missing–ESPN’s Fantasy Football app.

ESPN has acted, and continues to act, strangely towards its Fantasy Football user base that utilizes the Android operating system for mobile solutions. Yahoo and Huddle Hub already had free Fantasy Football apps out for a while. ESPN even had a free iOS app out for iPhone users. However, ESPN, up until the first few weeks of the NFL season last year, did not have an Android application for fantasy football users.

What I never understood was why ESPN would give away a virtually identical application to iOS users, but charge Android users US$4.99. It makes no sense to me other than that of a humongous number of Android users of the app. Because there are more Android users, it makes sense for ESPN to make a huge profit from charging for this app, especially since they know fantasy football players are fanatical.

As if that was the only strange thing, another strange thing has occurred recently: the ESPN Fantasy Football app for Android is completely missing from the Android Market. I checked Amazon’s App Store as well, but it’s missing from there, too. Where did it go? I tried to redownload it on my new phone, but it’s MIA.

Fantasy football users want access and the ability to manipulate their team 24 hours a day, especially on gameday. A last-minute roster move can spell the difference between losing one week, versus winning.

Fantasy Football users want their application back. The clock is ticking! ESPN, what’s the deal?

Ian Sherwin

iansherwin has been using Android strictly as his mobile computing operating system for around a year now. He rocks a stock Motorola Droid X, and is anxiously awaiting for his Gingerbread 2.3 system update. He is also a veteran of Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Apple iOS.