One – Ericsson — is the market leader in telecom equipment, while the other – Samsung – is the world’s biggest phone maker. When the two giants collide and can’t see eye to eye on licensing agreement, as is customary now in the increasingly litigious world of mobile technology, the way to the inevitable settlement is to first take the banning request route.

Following the lawsuits that Ericsson has filed against Samsung for allegedly violating its patents on wireless technology in court, the Swedish firm is now asking ITC to ban some of Samsung’s high-profile products, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note included, from being sold in America.

Ericsson spokesman Fredrik Hallstan said that the import ban on Samsung’s products is not the firm’s ultimate goal. “Our goal is that they sign license agreements on reasonable terms,” he explained.

But what’s reasonable for Ericsson is one that’s considered outrageous for Samsung. At the heart of the issue, Samsung said that Ericsson is charging a “significantly higher royalty rates for the same patent portfolio” and that it will take “all necessary legal measures to protect against Ericsson’s excessive claims.”

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Bams Sadewo
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