hp_friendleeAs the title would suggest, there are a couple of interesting applications that will make their way to Android in the coming months. First to receive a mention is eReader, a Barnes & Noble Company. eReader is effectively the world’s largest eBook store, even if they say so themselves. It offers a huge range of eBooks for your iPhone, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm Treo and Centro or any Symbian mobile phone. Soon to make it onto that short list will be any Android device. We can expect to see eReader for Android popping up later on this summer, and although the feature list wont be complete right away, we can expect it to deal with ePub, Fictionwise’s DRM and non DRM ePub soon after release.

The other application that we would like to mention is more of a social networking tool by none other than HP. Dubbed ‘Friendlee’, the application is marketed as an intelligent mobile phone based social network. In short, the social networking tool analyses calls and messages in order to build a picture of someone’s closest correspondents. Those most connected to you will appear more prominently so that users do not have to wander through their entire phonebook to find them.

“It builds a network of people that you communicate with,” explained Bernardo Huberman, director of the social computing lab at the firm’s Palo Alto research centre. “If you stop communicating with those people or you begin to communicate [with them] less they keep dropping down to the bottom of your list.”

The development of Friendlee comes about after research by HP’s Professor Huberman revealed that many of the people on our Facebook, Twitter and Myspace accounts are people that we rarely communcate with. No, really? Anyway, it took a team of guys to figure this one out, and there solution is Friendlee.

“The idea of a social network that deals with reciprocity – I call you, you call me, we interact and so on – is much more meaningful than a listing like your whole Rolodex of everyone you’ve ever met,” explained Professor Huberman.

Expect to see more of Friendlee at Mobile HCI conference in Bonn, Germany, this September. On a side note, DigiTimes are reporting that Acer will release their Android smartphone in November. We had already heard word that we should expect a Q4 release date, but since DigiTimes are spreading the word, we’re waiting for confirmation from a third party.

[eReader Via: teleread]
[Friendlee Via: BBC]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.