enoturage-edgeIna Fried of CNET got a first hand look at the Entourage eDGE, a dual-screen e-reader that features a 10-inch LCD and a 9.7 inch e-ink display. The eDGE is targeted towards students and is designed to replace the traditional notebook. It features an e-reader that is capable of note-taking, text highlighting, and has a novel feature that allows it to share selected data between the e-reader display and the LCD display. The eDGe is not tied to any specific online bookstore and supports both ePub and PDF file formats. The LCD side of the device is powered by Android and you get all the applications and functionality which accompany that mobile OS. In addition to the dual displays, the eGDe also features dual mics, one for audio recording and one to provide a noise cancellation feature – perfect for lecture halls and presentations. The eDGe reportedly has some glitches but that is expected as this is still a prototype device. Overall, the device performs well in the preview video and appears to be a good first start for Entourage. The eDGe is expected to ship in Feburary for $490. Full video preview from CNET is after the jump.