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Less than 3 days left in the Tylt Energi 2K charger Kickstarter Campaign

The Energi 2K is the "Worlds Most Affordable Wall Charger with Battery by TYLT," but is that good enough for you? Other chargers and power packs might be a better fit for you.
June 16, 2014
Mobile Power and Charging Energi 2K Anker

The clock is ticking down on a Kickstarter campaign for a travel charger with built-in battery. The campaign calls itself the Worlds Most Affordable Wall Charger with Battery by TYLT, it has some decent endorsements, and I am here to make sure you actually need it.

Let me start by explaining the new charger. The Energi 2K is a nifty unit, on the face of it, we have a travel charger that plugs into a North American 110v outlet and has one USB output charging port. To sweeten the deal, the unit houses an internal 2200mAh battery its own, turning the Energi 2K into an external power pack for your mobile gear.

If the Energi 2K packs all the right stuff to satisfy your mobile and travel power needs, head on over to the Kickstarter page before noon Pacific time Wed, June 18th.

I really like the idea behind the Energi 2K and like to support genuine startups seeking funding, but there are more, possibly better, options out there. Before you drop your money on the Energi 2K, let’s look at some of the tools that Energi 2K is trying to replace.

External power packs

Anker 2nd Gen ASTRO3 12000mAh

You know all about external power packs, those USB units that pack around a bunch of power to keep your devices juiced while on the go. We’ve even shown off a few here on the site, check out the RAVPower 14,000mAh power bank here. There are many more out there, my personal favorite is the Anker® 2nd Gen ASTRO3 12000mAh, pictured above, which runs for less than $50 on Amazon.

Battery chargers

Anker Universal battery charger

Most chargers plug into the wall and have a USB output or two to power your stuff. Comparatively, that’s a win for the Energi 2K, but what if your charger could provide juice to your device and its removable battery at the same time? Enter one of the better chargers that I have kicking around, the Anker Battery Expert Universal Charger, pictured. Added bonus, this charger is powered by either plugging it into the wall, or it will accept charge via USB charger itself.

What do you think of the Energi 2k Travel Charger? Are you going to back this project?