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Why would you buy an endoscopic camera for your phone? UPDATE: Supplies Low

A company has created an endoscopic camera for Android devices but... we're hoping nobody is using these medically at home.
May 8, 2017
UPDATE: Apparently quite a few people are interested in getting an endoscopic camera for their smartphone, for whatever reason. The company has reached out to us to inform us that they are running low on supplies. If you want to grab one of these, you'd better act quickly!

Well, this is a new one.

A company called Neva Tech has produced an endoscopic camera that attaches to your Android device.

Most people are familiar with endoscopic cameras as those devices that doctors use to look… inside people.

We’re hoping that no doctors are using their smartphones to do this, but there are a surprising number of other uses that this little gizmo could have around the home.

Neva Tech’s original asking price for the Endoscopic Android Camera was $139.99.

It’s waterproof and flexible, meaning you can you can use it to do things like look inside your sink drain for a clog. If you’re working on your vehicle, you can use the tiny little camera to get a better look inside tight spaces.

Or if you’re in the international espionage business, you can use it to look around corners and under doors for potential enemies, I guess.

Neva Tech’s original asking price for the Endoscopic Android Camera was $139.99. We’re guessing they weren’t able to move many of these at that price.

The price has been dropped to $17.50, which makes us suspect they’re trying to unload a surplus of product.

At $139.99, it would be pretty hard to justify buying this. But at $17.50, it would make a great tool or novelty purchase.

If you’re intrigued, you might want to grab one before they’re gone. Click the button below to see the full specs.

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