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Never lose your luggage with the EndlessID Smart Tag

Grab an EndlessID Smart Tag for just $16.99 and keep track of your luggage no matter where it goes.
November 7, 2019

Airlines misplace over 25 million pieces of luggage every year. Most of the luggage is eventually returned, but 15% of lost bags are never recovered due to a lack of identification. To start traveling with more peace of mind, pick up an EndlessID Smart Tag for just $17 during this temporary deal.

You can access the EndlessID Smart Tag online from anywhere on earth and track it using any NFC enabled device. You might have a favorite luggage tag, but do you trust it if your bag is misplaced? Your luggage tag from Vera Bradley probably won’t send you an email when it’s scanned.

Get notified with geo-location the instant your bag is found.

If you’re on a family trip to Europe and your bags accidentally go to Egypt, how will you find out? If you have an EndlessID Smart Tag, you’ll get a text or an email as soon as your tag is scanned with an NFC device. Your information doesn’t just float around online, you’ll receive a secure email directly from EID911.

You can even select to add your medical information to your ID profile for emergency purposes. Anyone scanning the EndlessID Smart Tag can instantly see what medical requirements you have, and your emergency contact person will receive an instant notification.

EndlessID Smart Luggage and Backpack Tag Close

EndlessID Smart Tag highlights:

  • Access your tag with an NFC enabled device or online with the unique PIN.
  • Enable the medical function to protect yourself if you are unable to speak.
  • Receive an email or text message with the geo-location of your device.
  • Protect your personal information with the SecureID share feature.

What would you do if you lost your luggage? The EndlessID Smart Tag retails at $20, but for a limited time you can get yours for just $16.99. It’s a low price to pay for peace of mind while you’re traveling the world.

To pick up your smart tag while it’s on offer, hit the button below.

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