After a series of naming their new devices after single letters, is Sony finally ready to break free from this norm?

Recently, Sony has filed a trademark name at the US Trademark and Patents Office for their newest offering, the Xperia Sola. This bit of news came after the company announced the first US bound Sony smartphone, the Xperia Ion.

Several think that the Sola is among the mysterious devices listed on the 2012 roadmap which leaked last night. However, it is typical for companies to register trademarks which they end up not using. But considering the strong attachment of the company to the Xperia name, it’s very likely that the Sola will be a reality.

So what does the word ‘Sola’ mean?

It is a Spanish feminine form which translates to ‘alone’ or ‘solo.’ Hmm… Do you think Sony’s up to something here? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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