Those who have been anxiously awaiting the drop of the Sony Xperia T may have a few more moments before the device appears on shelves. According to a spokesperson from Expansys, the phone should be available by the 29th, but brief caution was given to those marking calendars in expectation. They mentioned the J model should be ready by mid-October if consumers are looking for something from the Sony line, but didn’t have their minds set on an Xperia T.

According the Sony, which said: “We are still on track to deliver the Sony Xperia T before the end of the month” all is well, though. Frankly, we’re not sure who to believe at this point; news has circulated that the site itself will not have units ready until January. You can thank modern tariff systems, contractual agreements with carriers retailers for that delay. Those of us buying direct are last in line even though we buy at full price.

Speaking of retailers, Three, Orange, and O2 are the current places to be hounding if you want your Sony Xperia T fix. T-mobile and Vodafone may join the mix, but none of these names have mentioned anything about pricing yet. As far as retailers go, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U are being given exclusive VIP access to the device to stock their inventory complete.

What do you think of the Sony Xperia T and if it comes out when expected, will you be getting one?