Some empty Google display cases have been spotted in Best Buy retail stores, with a source suggesting the Search giant may be interested in selling the Nexus 5 directly inside Best Buy stores.

The pictures below, posted by Android Central and Daniel Benavides (via Google+) show Google-branded display cases that are being prepped to show three devices.

Google display case at Best Buy

Naturally, we expect them all to be Nexus and/or Chrome devices, with emphasis on the upcoming flagship smartphone. We’ll point out though that such displays are already used in Best Buy stores to showcase Google products (see the gallery at the end of this post).

Benavides noted on Google+ that a Best Buy manager told him the Nexus 5 will be displayed by Google in Best Buy retail stores:

[quote qtext=”Nexclusive!!! Best buy manager confirmed this is a Google Nexus 5 display area!!” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

He further went on to say that multiple sources confirmed that the Nexus 5 is coming to Best Buy and that he has seen a picture of a dummy Nexus 5 device – yes, that part is a bit strange. Also strange is the fact that he says he had to sign a waiver not to describe the device.

Google display case at Best Buy

Interestingly, Benavides also provided a tentative release date for the Nexus 5, as given to him by Best Buy personnel:

[quote qtext=”They said hallows eve. They were being kinda cryptic but they definitely spilled the beans.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

We will also note that various commenters responding to Benavides’ Google+ post, including a Best Buy employee, said that the Google display cases are being used to show the Nexus 7, Chromecast and Chromebooks to potential customers, adding that Google is yet to announce whether it will sell the Nexus 5 in Best Buy stores.

In fact, a series of images posted a few days ago by G. Hussain Chinoy on Google+ show the cases in action, or stocked with the products mentioned before:

That said, it’s not impossible to imagine that Google would also be interested in showing Nexus smartphones in such Best Buy cases, but that’s yet to become official. We’ll file this as another Nexus 5-related rumor and we’ll be back with more details about this particular matter in the near future.

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