Long-time game developer Electronic Arts (EA) plans to launch an Android app for the multiplayer version of its popular Scrabble game. The multiplayer version of the game will allow players to play against one another even if they are using different devices or platforms–at the same time.

This means that regardless of where or on what you are playing EA’s Scrabble game–whether on Facebook, on an Apple device, or on an Android smartphone or tablet, you can compete with other players over the Internet.

More importantly, this means that EA’s Scrabble game will make more sense, for how else will scrabble be played except in a multiplayer setting? You can’t expect to play Scrabble with an AI or a computer and have fun at the same time, can you?

If you’re on Android, and your Scrabble-playing phones are on iPhone or iPad, your only option will be to play with them via Facebook. But, next week you will be able to start challenging your friends to this word-forming game through your Android device. Android users will be able to download Scrabble starting next week from the Android Market.

EA’s decision to expand support for its Scrabble game to Android users will help improve the gaming experience by eliminating the platform barrier.

Electronic Arts has brought much joy to the gaming world with its games, such as Need for Speed, Bejeweled, and The Sims. If you have not heard of these games, much less try them, they’re available for purchase from the Android Market.

What EA game are you addicted to?

Image credit: toxickore (Flickr)