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Electrofly Odyssey: Hurtling charged flies into warp holes in space

July 18, 2012

Since Angry Birds was released, physics game puzzlers have become a common theme on the Google Play Store and these games just keep on coming. Electrofly Odyssey Free is a mixture of Angry Birds Space and point-and-shoot games. The game will have players hurling electrically charged balls as they try to hit a dimensional hole.

The game takes players to space where they have to shoot electrically charged particles to a warp hole and finish a level. If you have played Angry Birds Space before, then you have a clear picture of the entire game. Instead of loading up birds in a catapult and hurling them across space, Electrofly Odyssey Free lets you point-and-shoot your Electroflies.

Unlike Angry Birds Space where you can control the force that you need to exert on the catapult, Electrofly Odyssey Free lets you fire those Electroflies just like any ordinary gun. It may sound easy, but getting your Electrofly to the designated target does require skill, as gravity will be your worst enemy. Each level has a corresponding puzzle that you need to decipher, and involves creating a flight path for your Electrofly to travel.

To make the game even more interesting, there are red and blue electric charges scattered around the levels. Players can use these to their advantage. The red electrical charges are known to suck the Electrofly out of its orbit while the blue electrical charge does the opposite and repels any object that moves near it. By using these charges, players can either speed up their Electrofly in orbit or use them to get past those asteroids blocking their path. Some levels are harder and require not just a single charge but multiple charges to fly past the obstacles. Players can combine red and blue charges to create a chain reaction.

The only problem I found was that the controls were a bit sluggish. Every time I fired a shot, I had to be careful not to change my aim as both firing and targeting are all made inside the circle. In terms of graphics, there is nothing fancy worth mentioning, as the game is just your typical 2D game.

Overall, Electrofly Odyssey Free is brilliant game that derived from the old favorite physics games. If only the developer could just polish up the graphics and user-interface, and tweak the controls, this game could totally sweep many gamers (including me) off their feet. But, as of now Electrofly Odyssey Free still has room for change.

You can download Electrofly Odyssey Free from the Google Play Store.