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Black Friday Special: Become an Excel master for <del>$40 </del> $20.

Tech Deals dropped this $999 Excel eLearning kit to $40 earlier this week, but today only they sliced even that in half.
November 24, 2017

This Black Friday, we have had our heads turned by a seriously discounted, seriously high-quality Excel eLearning package aimed at… well…. everyone.

On your resume, does it say something like ‘Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel’? Once upon a time mine did. I did a stint in the finance sector, spent plenty of time coloring the boxes and making spreadsheets that looked good on a printout. I’d even dabbled in the equations bar sometimes – I basically thought I had it down.

How wrong I was.

When I applied for a role which involved Excel proper, the competency test chewed me up and spat me out. All I can now remember from that traumatic episode was that it involved pivot-table look-ups and macros.

Excel is so much more powerful a tool than I had realized at the time. It has functions for complex data analysis and all kinds of statistical modelling. Little wonder it’s used by pretty much every single organization on the planet.

How wrong I was.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or just need to take your skills to the next level, The eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School is probably the go-to package you’re looking for. It covers everything from the basics and equations to actually programming macros and VBA code.

Even if an eLearning course doesn’t seem like your thing, it isn’t just for bedtime reading. On completion of the course, you’re awarded an internationally-recognized Diploma in Microsoft Excel. Something which you can actually stick on your resume to raise the eye-brow of the next recruiter who’s giving it the once-over.

Okay, this boost to your employability might not be something for which you would pay the full $999 that the course normally costs. However, this week Tech Deals cut 96% off the price, meaning you could get it for just $39. But then today, they sliced that price in half.

That’s right. Today only you can get the entire package for $20.

This is also one of those lifetime subscriptions, so if you grab the deal before it ends, you can walk through the course at your leisure.

If that sounds good then click the button below to peruse the package in more detail.

(Oh, and no… I didn’t get that job…)

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