Here’s a pretty little surprise. Ekoore’s an Italian company with a plans for the future and they’ve made a good name for themselves in the electronics field. They’ve already found success last year in their release of a tablet, now they’re planning to triple that success by releasing three more. What does this have to do with Android? Well, they’re planning to release an Android tablet called the Pascal.

The Pascal tablet will be the company’s first Android release but it seems to be looking really good. First of all, it’s a 7-inch device and boasts a multitouch capacitive screen. This creates a more intuitive user interface that are limited to single points of contact. It’s also got the basic G-sensor which automatically detects movement and orients the screen automatically.

Next, the Pascal is no slouch in the processing department. Powered by a Telechips Cortex A8 dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, it should do respectably compared to other tablets. Combined with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM, it should be able to handle one of the tablet’s intended purposes – to be a gaming platform. It will be utilizing Android 2.3 – though if the developers really wanted a gaming platform, they should quickly update the OS to 3.1. Additional features include the usual things found on tablets: USB, HDMI, webcams and the usual range of peripherals. That includes Internet capability, which is ably provided via WiFi. Plus all of this is wrapped up in a slim and nice-looking package.

With all of that, the entire thing looks pretty good that when this hits the shelves in Italy, you may want to import it for yourself.

Source: Ekoore

Aerol Bibat
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