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Gold Nexus 6P Special Edition selling on eBay for $2000

A Hong Kong-based seller on eBay has the Gold Nexus 6P Special Edition, released earlier this week in Japan, going for an impressive $1999.99. Any takers?

Published onDecember 15, 2015

When the Gold colored Nexus 6P Special Edition finally landed in Japan on the 12th, it immediately sold out. Within 24 hours however, it was back in stock and has been readily available for anyone interested here to purchase at their leisure. In our piece, it was suggested, in an almost comedic fashion, that keen sellers on eBay might seek to charge $2000 for the elusive product. It seems that amusing musing has actually become a right reality:

eBay Nexus 6P Gold
Hong Kong based seller, bq_store is offering the Nexus 6P Special Edition for $1999.99 with free international shipping. Curiously the actual wording “Special Edition” is nowhere to be seen on the listing itself, thus it’s unclear as to if it is in fact, the Japanese variant, or if the Gold color is also being released in Hong Kong. More than likely, it is the former of the two possibilities.

Gold colored devices, for reference, are often highly sought after in Asia, especially China. While the West often views the color option as tacky or superfluous, clearly customers in other parts of the world have a very different opinion. There are two separate auctions currently running by the seller, each with 2 devices in stock bringing the cumulative total to just 4.

Nexus 6P Special Edition in stock

It is unclear just why $2000 was selected as the purchase price, however a quick perusal through bq_shop’s other listings reveal that other hard to find items are of similar list prices, including the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 LTE listed at $1,963.99. Indeed in the past the seller has also set this ball-park figure when listing other items that have not been widely released and thus he has an almost “exclusive” offering.

The question is, are you willing to pay that much? Chances are that within the next few days or weeks, sellers in Japan will begin to offer the phone as well, presumably for a somewhat more “reasonable” price. But perhaps it doesn’t even matter anymore, as Google now lists the Nexus 6P in Gold on its American store front, which has prompted speculation that the color will soon become a fourth option and thus not “special” in the slightest.

nexus 6p review 2 aa (28 of 30)

On that final note, it’s worth pointing out that just because the color is now listed does not necessarily indicate it will be released. Japan to this day has never received the Sand colored Nexus 9 yet the color option has been listed on the Google Store Japan product page from very early on. With the 6P however, it was added later thus there might indeed be something to hope for.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to part with a giant wad of cash for the ability to purchase the Nexus 6P in Gold?

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