If you’ve thought about or tried to buy a Nexus 4, you already know this is a challenge greater than surviving in the wild for a week Bear Grylls-style. Both Google’s Play Store and T-Mobile have had severe supply and demand issues that have led to the phone’s stocks getting wiped out hours after being put up for grabs several times.

Meanwhile, the more adventurous can try their luck on eBay, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get out alive and well after the violent battles with ruthless scammers. We’ve seen the 8 GB Nexus 4 go for as much as $600 on the popular auction website, while some “wise guys” were asking up to 1,000 bucks for the 16 GB model.

Those prices are double or higher what Google charges for the devices when in stock, but what can you do when you just have to buy one of these bad boys? Fortunately, at least some of those scams should come to an end soon, as eBay has announced a new set of rules for Nexus 4 sellers.

Authorized resellers will still have no restriction on the number of units they can make available, but starting with top-rated sellers there’ll only be so many Nexus 4 devices up for grabs. 8 units weekly can be sold by top-rated sellers, while sellers meeting minimum performance standards can have their way with only 4 phones each week.

Ebay members who’ve confirmed their personal info can only list 1 item per week, whereas finally sellers that don’t even bother to authenticate their info will be restricted from selling the Nexus 4 altogether.

Now I know what you think. This won’t solve the demand problem of the Nexus 4 and won’t eradicate scams from eBay either. And you are quite right. But at least it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it?