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Earin offers a wireless headphone experience without limits

There's a new Kickstarter campaign worth keeping our eyes... or ears on. Earin comes to pioneer a new generation in true wireless audio.
June 16, 2014

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign worth keeping our eyes or ears on. Earin comes to pioneer a new generation in audio. This set of earbuds is said to offer unprecedented flexibility and a true wireless experience. Earin may very well be the true wireless headphone set we have been waiting for.

What’s the problem with current wireless headsets?

Finding the right wireless or bluetooth headset can be a challenging quest. It seems there is always something wrong with such gizmos. Firstly, none of them are truly wireless, even if they don’t connect directly to the audio source. There is always some kind of band or cable bringing the headset together. This makes using wireless devices a bit more uncomfortable than expected.

Bluetooth technology can also be a bit frail. I have returned multiple bluetooth headsets due to weak connections and constant issues. These also tend to not be as portable as expected, sometimes offering over-the-ear form factors and annoying necklace-like contraptions.

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I still haven’t found the right bluetooth headset, so I have continued to stick with wired solutions.

How is Earin better?

I am not saying Earin is here to fix all your headphone problems. After all, Kickstarters are not always what we expect, but it does look like a very promising project. We can begin by telling you Earin headphones are truly wireless. They have no cables or plastic connecting them.


These earbuds go right into your ear, offering what the manufacturer promises to be amazing sound quality in the smallest form factor possible. All components are built right into each earbud. These can be stored in a “capsule” that also works as a charger. This capsule literally looks like a keychain, making portability a huge focus.

Battery life is a very important factor. As expected the Earin headphones can’t really go against your humongous Beats Wireless in terms of battery life, but it doesn’t fare very badly, either. Those 50 mAh batteries can make the Earin earbuds last 2.5-3 hours.


Will you Kickstart Earin?

Earin’s Kickstarter campaign will be around for 37 more days, but over 2000 backers have already blown away the company’s £179000 goal. The Super Early Bird special is already depleted, but you can sign up to get these earbuds for just £99, which is not a bad price for a bluetooth headset.

Backers should be getting their Earin earbuds by January 2015, which is a pretty long wait, but it could be worth it. Who is signing up?