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EA's Mass Effect: Infiltrator and NBA Jam Android games now available for $0.99

June 20, 2012

Just a few days after holding an exclusive, exciting and exquisite “Games for Guys” sale, EA have hit us Android fans with an even cooler discount. In fact, we’re dealing with not one, but two discounts for a couple of titles that you probably would have never thought were going to have their prices slashed so soon.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator and NBA Jam are both available for purchase over on Google Play for just $0.99, which is practically free if you think about it. The discounts  are part of the Google Longest Day Deals. Then again, why wonder about reasons when you can enjoy such cool offerings?

The first of the on-sale duo, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, has been available for less than a month for Android and was initially put up for purchase at a premium $6.99 price. However, the 3D third-person shooter did pretty well in the first couple of weeks after its launch and has been reportedly installed on more than 10,000 mobile devices.

As shocking as Infiltrator’s discount may be, NBA Jam’s price slashing is even more surprising. The classic arcade basketball game might not have the same awesome 3D visuals as the latest Mass Effect installment, but the gameplay, controls and multiplayer are simply hooptastic.

NBA Jam was previously available for $4.99, so this second EA title to go on sale is itself heavily discounted and waiting for your bucks. Both NBA Jam and Mass Effect: Infiltrator will probably not stay at these ultra-low prices for a long time, so, if you’ve been thinking about getting them, think less and act before it’s too late!

Go Thunder, you can still do it! I mean, have fun playing NBA Jam on your Android! And Mass Effect too, of course.