The greatness of any organization is its ability to adapt to a changing climate, otherwise known as customer needs. This is true, not only in the technology sector but also in a general business sense. Today Dunkin Donuts showed it values this sort of philosophy and unveiled a nifty new Android and iOS app. The free app allows a customer to pay for their goods or alternatively, buy someone a gift card. The value of the virtual gift card must be a minimum of $2 but can range up to $100.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Payment options include Paypal and credit cards. When you’re done treating yourself or a friend, you can alert them through your favorite social media sites, an SMS or email. Finally, the handy app has a DD store location finder and a calorie meter to track your sugar and caffeine binges. Curiously enough, this reminds us of the Wendy’s app that lets you track calorie intake. I wonder if this could be a trend in the fast food industry?