Dungeon Quest

A new free-to-download action-RPG game full of fantasy and sorcery has arrived at Google Play. Currently in beta, Dungeon Quest engages players in a journey to loot random spoils of epic battles in random dungeons, against mythical bosses.

If you watch the trailer below, you will be immediately reminded of Diablo. The hack and slash gameplay is pretty much derivative, and so are the implementation of random loot drops and dungeons and the splitting the story into four Acts.

That’s not to say the game is uninspired; developer Shiny Box Games manages to add a few unique features along with their own flair in art design. There are 100 levels available that are divided into five varying difficulties, while boosting the playable in-game character involves using the Enchanting and Stat Rerolling systems. Last but not least, a leaderboard displays how well you are faring against other players.

Since Dungeon Quest is still a beta release, only one class is available: the Wizard. He can use different weapons, each having different spells to guarantee unlimited choices in helping players beat the challenges they meet.

Shiny Box Games promises future incremental updates that offers additional content and classes. The final version is expected to be released in two months.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.