Last month, we found out Gameloft’s intention to release a 4th installment of the popular game Dungeon Hunter. We were then teased with a trailer showing off just how serious the game’s graphics will be.

Dungeon Hunter Facebook


While everyone is eager to see if the latest iteration will be an improvement, it seems that those who are waiting will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Gameloft has just announced via Dungeon Hunter’s Facebook page that the release of the game for Android will be delayed. The company also posted a new exclusive trailer for the game (see above).

The iOS version of Dungeon Hunter 4 for iOS is already available as a free download for iPad and iPhone. Interestingly, Kotaku reports that the game is filled with in-app offers for better gear and even healing potions, and while they can be avoided, the lack of free healing potions apparently has a negative effect on the gameplay experience:

Healing is the absolute worst. The player is given three healing potions a day. Monsters do not drop them. There are no Diablo-like health globes to collect. There are skills that will facilitate healing on a smaller scale and health slowly regenerates over time, but for the most part your healing options, once those three potions are gone, are buy (20 gems apiece, with 200 gems running $1.99) or die. Or just stop playing and never have to worry about it.

Are you looking forward to Dungeon Hunter 4?

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