Dungeon Hunter 4

After a short delay due to last minute bug testing, Dungeon Hunter 4 has finally arrived on Google Play. Best of all, this latest Dungeon Hunter title sees a bit of a return to the series roots.

Dungeon Hunter 3 saw a major change in direction for the series with the introduction of both arena-only gameplay and the switch to being a freemium app. This latest incarnation doesn’t manage to do away with in-app purchases, but at least it combines both the arena mode and the traditional dungeon crawling action that made the franchise popular in the first place.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is designed to cater both to those that are looking for a single-player experience and those that are looking for multiplayer features like co-op arenas and PvP. Like many Gameloft titles, there is quite a bit of in-app purchase options but most of the Google Play user reviews seem to suggest that the game is still reasonably enjoyable even for those that wish to avoid paying for extra items and content.

Dungeon Hunter 4 isn’t perfect, but it is about as close to games like Diablo as you’re going to find on Android, and is certainly worth checking out if you are already a fan of hack n’ slash games or the Dungeon Hunter series.

What do you think, interested in jumping into the world of Dungeon Hunter 4, or does the fact that it is a freemium game turn you off?

Andrew Grush
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