What is Duet?

Duet is a new, minimal game where you must spin two circles around to dodge objects coming at them. It sounds simple but it’s actually so challenging it’s staggering. The idea is that you must spin two balls around various obstacles and prevent them from being hit.

The game play is very simple to learn. You tap on each side of the screen to make the balls spin in opposite directions (clockwise and counter clockwise). The difficulty comes in avoiding each obstacle. Not only do you have to make both balls avoid each obstacle, but in most cases you also have to anticipate the next obstacle so that you can avoid that too. It doesn’t take long for the game to confuse your brain and that is what makes it fun. One other fun little tidbit is that when you screw up, the balls explode on the obstacle like paint so you can clearly see where you messed up when you go to try again. If you fail a lot, the obstacles can get rather colorful.

Aside from the game play you’ll also find a pretty decent, atmospheric soundtrack and the design is clean and sharp. There are also Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards if you want to take advantage of those. You can even buy the soundtrack if you like it. The core game is free to play and you can buy the epilogue and challenges section of the game if you buy the $3.00 premium version (as an in-app purchase).

Duet review

It's harder than it looks.


Fun, brain-teasing game play is harder and more fun than it looks.
Sharp, minimal graphics and atmospheric music help create a more enjoyable gaming experience.
Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards.
A lot of extras including the ability to buy the soundtrack and you can buy the premium version for $3.00 which includes more levels.


The 'story' is a little too 'pseudo-intellectual' for my tastes but some people like that kind of stuff so this isn't a big con. The levels are named after the 5 stages of grief which implies an unusually dark mood for a game that features two rotating balls.
If you're not a fan of minimal games or brain teasers, this isn't for you.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a challenging game that looks and sounds nice. The core game contains over 30 levels, it is free to play, and $3.00 for the challenges and extra game play isn’t outlandish or wrong. If you’re into these kind of brain-teaser games, then you’ll feel right at home with Duet.

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