DuckDuckGo for Android

In the midst of the PRISM-related spying scandals, DuckDuckGo launched its mobile apps, with an Android client already available free of charge for users.

The app, called DuckDuckGo Search & Stories, offers both search support but also a way to stay on top of the news by offering relevant stories. In addition to the Google Play Store, the app can be found in Amazon’s Appstore as well.

In case you’re not familiar with it, DuckDuckGo is an online search engine that was available initially on desktops, and which allows users to anonymously search for information. The search engine says it doesn’t offer tailored search results as others, nor does it collect personal information about its users.

The search engine got even more popular during the PRISM scandal, even though it’s still a little fish in a world dominated by Google Search in first place followed by Microsoft’s Bing and other similar services.

Once installed – the app requires Android 2.2 or later – DuckDuckGo Search & Stories will let you “get answers from hundreds of sources,” “auto-complete to answers instead of just searches,” and “search directly on thousands of other sites with !bang commands.”

As for the stories feature, the DuckDuckGo app currently uses the following sources:

  • Current events: BBC, CNN, Digg, Drudge Report, NPR, reddit Politics, Reuters, The Guardian, reddit TrueReddit, reddit Worldnews, Yahoo!;
  • Entertainment: reddit Aww, Dear Abby, reddit Funny, reddit Movies, reddit Music, People, reddit Pics;
  • Magazine: Browser, Feature, Longform, The New Yorker, Time;
  • Newspaper: New York Times, Wall Street Journal;
  • Sports: ESPN, Grantland;
  • Technology: reddit Gaming, Hacker News, Lifehacker, reddit Programming, reddit Science, Slashdot, reddit Technology;
  • Trivia: reddit AMA (Ask me Anything), Quora, reddit TIL (Today I Learned)

Play Store stats tell us that the app has been installed by less than 500,000 users and has received a score of 4.6 stars out of five from over 1,700 reviews (at the time this article was written).

Have you already tried DuckDuckGo Search & Stories on your Android device?