Multitasking is what everyone seems to want to do. Of course, it’s mostly in the interest of productivity; just imagine being able to do several things at once – that would surely cut down a lot on the time investment in most things. That’s why tabbed browsing is also popular. Just shift to one tab after another to get what you want to read or do. The trouble is that you only get to see one thing at a time. That’s not exactly efficient.

Well, to solve that problem is the DualWeb Browser. It’s a Honeycomb app that divides your tablet screen into two windows for simultaneous viewing. It pretty much enables you to have two separate things at one time. A good example for when this could be useful is having one window opened to a browser, while the other on a list of things to research or an itinerary. No need to alt-tab repeatedly to see what you’re looking for. Just look to the right and look to the left.

This also opens up a lot of opportunities in entertainment. Ever watched a confusing TV show or documentary? Keep the second window open to a wiki and you’ll have all the information on your fingertips. This also works well with online conversations. No need to interrupt it when doing something. Just keep on doing whatever you’re doing and talk with your friend.

It’s not perfect though. It’s got poor navigation controls, making browsing a bit finicky, while a lack of connectivity between the two screen halves- meaning no interchange of info between windows. Also there’s only one address bar to control both windows, and no User Agent control to decide if desktop or mobile versions of websites appear.

For ordinary browsing, the Honeycomb browser is best,but DualWeb is an interesting app for some power users. Additionally, it’s still being developed so those bugs and missing features may soon be a thing of the past.

Source: Androinica

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