htc one dual sim

Dual-SIM versions of high-end Android flagships rarely make it to the western markets, but the HTC One is an exception.

Hot on the heels of the champagne gold edition of the One, which it introduced in the UK on Monday, HTC revealed a version of the HTC One that comes with an additional SIM card slot and a microSD card slot. The phone can switch between two networks on the fly, and HTC’s Sense makes it easy to manage the two network connections (GSM and GSM/HSPA/WCDMA) and two sets of contacts.

The device does not support LTE, but besides that, nothing has changed in terms of specs compared to the original version of the One. Despite the removable back plate, the 2,300 mAh battery is not removable.

The microSD card slot enables the addition of up to 64GB of storage, double the internal capacity of the top version of the HTC One. Though few will probably notice the difference, the removable aluminum back-plate makes the HTC One Dual SIM 10 grams heavier and 1.1mm thicker than the original model.

The HTC One Dual SIM is now available for pre-order on HTC’s UK site for £495 ($809), and will become available from other retailers and carriers in the future.