Just yesterday we talked about a dual-SIM Galaxy S3 model that was spotted in China, and now we’re going to move to the other dual-SIM Samsung flagship device that was rumored to be available soon in the region, the Galaxy Note 2.

It looks like Samusng is already listing the Galaxy Note 2 with dual-SIM capabilities on its Chinese website, and the device is supposed to go on sale on December 3, not on November 24 as previously reported.

In addition to the regular features you can expect from the Galaxy Note 2, this Chinese version (model number GT-N7102) will offer support for two SIM cards, a regular sized one and a micro SIM. The handset will cost 5699 Yuan, or around $915 once it launches. Obviously, that’s the full price for this Galaxy Note 2 dual-SIM model, and we have no information on what Chinese mobile operator will carry the GT-N7102.

This Galaxy Note 2 model will only be available in China, as far as we can tell, so in case you absolutely want it, that’s where you’ll have to buy it from, for the time being.