Isn’t it amazing how a simple concept such as additional tabs in your web browser can do so much to your internet browsing experience? This is especially true if you are more of a multitasker and prefer to do a number of things all at once.

Back then, browsing different websites on the internet was a hassle since you have to do it in separate windows. However, over the years, we have seen vast improvements on today’s web browsers. The good news is, you can avail the same feature not only on your computer, but on your favorite Honeycomb tablet as well.

The browser, like what you can do on your desktop, allows you to browse on to different windows simultaneously and making it easier for you to switch from one tab to the other when comparing things. For ultimate consumer experience, features such as video playback from YouTube and other similar sites are being tested.

The dual screen browser app for Honeycomb tablets is still in its beta version, and still needs improvement in a few areas. Once it is officially released in the market, tablet users will definitely download it right away since it is one of the features that they will surely go after. Hit the link below for more info.

via xdadevelopers