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Dryzoo coating promises to make your current smartphone water resistant

Dryzoo is a new company claiming that its special coating will bring water resistance to your existing smartphone.
June 5, 2014

While Sony has long offered waterproof smartphones, the concept has only more recently started to gain traction with other Android OEMS like Samsung. With many of us bringing our smartphone everywhere we go, it makes sense that our phones would occasionally find themselves in situations where a little water resistance would be nice.

For those that already own a decent phone, there are still a few options for bringing water resistance to your existing handset. One option is to get a waterproof pouch or case. And then there’s Dryzoo, a technology designed to make your phone waterproof by sealing it in a special coating that comes with a rating of IPX7. This means it can supposedly handle 30 minutes underwater at a depth of three feet and yet will keep on ticking.

The process goes as follows: Your device is placed into a machine where the air inside the device and chamber is removed, they then bring out nontoxic gas into the chamber. The gas enters into your device and is followed by plasma, which decomposes liquid repellent molecules and polymerzes them into themselves.

Bottom-line, your phone is coated in a material that allows it to withstand water, orange juice and just about anything you can throw at it. Here’s a video bringing a bit more details about how it all works:

Now, being honest, the idea behind Dryzoo is nothing new. Going back as far as 2012 there have been several companies that have introduced waterproof nano-coating technology such as Liquipel, HzO and P2i. Only the former of these actually offers its services at the consumer level, however.

So how does Dryzoo differ? That’s a good question. The underlying tech seems to be about the same, with one of the only major differences being that Dryzoo seems to offer a pretty solid 1-year warranty that seems a little better than Liquipel’s guarantee. Another difference is the inclusion of a free “Boom Shield” with every order. A Boom Shield is “a multi-layer resistance shield” that the company says helps protect your device from “impact damage of any kind”.

Overall, the Dryzoo sounds very similar to the competition, except for the inclusion of a Boom Shield and a possibly better warranty. The biggest downside, however, is that Dryzoo is currently only in the crowdsourcing phase. That means you can pledge $50 will a secure coating (versus Liquipel’s $60) but they won’t actually be able to provide the coating service until sometime after the company’s Indiegogo campaign has ended.

So how well does Dryzoo really work? While we can’t attest to the quality, if it’s anything like its competitors, the results are fairly good. Just remember that this coating isn’t designed to protect your phone from constant submerging and re-emerging, as eventually you will run into troubles (such as rusting, corrosion, etc). Think of it more as a way to protect your phone just in case a major catastrophe of aquatic proportions happens to strike your device.

For more details about Dryzoo, you’ll want to check out their Indiegogo page. What do you think, worth the $50 or not?