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Dropbox introduces video streaming feature for Android 4.0

June 11, 2012

A big point of consternation for consumers considering the HTC One X as their next smartphone was the lack of an expandable memory storage option.

While some explained that the 23GB additional free Dropbox cloud storage more than made up for it, the use of microSD expansion is obviously preferred. Another disappointing factor about most cloud storage services currently available is that accessing some files such as videos required you to download the entire video first, which meant you needed the additional storage space anyway.

With the latest update from Dropbox, there is finally some great news on that front, at least if you’re part of the 7% who use Android 4.0. After a previous update that featured automatic background uploads of photos and videos, the latest version introduces two new features including (via Google Play Store):

  • Korean language support
  • Custom-tailored video streaming for ICS users

As you can see, the new feature that is specific to ICS devices allows users to now upload videos to their Dropbox cloud and then  stream those videos later, instead of having to download them again. Of course, you will have the download option as well if that is what you want to do. A variety of file formats are supported, including avi, mp4, mkv, and m4v so there should be no problems for users to stream any kind of video they want. Streaming is possible over  both WiFi and mobile data networks, but streaming over WiFi is always recommended to avoid high data usage.

The video streaming feature, which opens automatically when you tap on a video, is very easy to use. Videos start and load quickly, but that probably has more to do with my data connection than with the speed of the app. As an HTC One X user, this feature is going to be a big help and somewhat reduce my need to continuously keep track of my storage limits.

A lot of big names such as Google, Amazon, ASUS, and Microsoft have realized the importance of cloud computing and each provide their own cloud storage services, but as of now, Dropbox is still one of the best solutions. And, if the free storage offers (such as those seen with the HTC One series (25GB) and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (50GB)) continue, the service will continue to stay at the vanguard of the cloud revolution.

If you haven’t used Dropbox till now, you can check it out on the Google Play Store here.