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Updated Dropbox app links to computers more easily, uses prettier icons

April 8, 2014

Early this week, Dropbox released version of its Android app, bringing with it a new app icon, easier set-up and linking of a computer with the help of the device’s camera, and a few minor changes to the user interface.

According to the Dropbox app page on the Google Play Store, version’s two-fold changes include the following:

  • fix for the issue that prevented third-party apps from successful authentication, and
  • feature for using the device’s camera to setup and link Dropbox to a computer.

The new Link a Computer command can be found under the Dropbox app’s Settings menu and provides a convenient, three-step way to link your computer and your Dropbox account right on your Android phone.

The three-step linking procedure works like this: First, open on your computer’s Web browser. Then, point your device’s camera at the QR code Dropbox logo on the computer’s screen. The device reads the code and authenticates the computer.  Finally, when prompted, download and install the Dropbox client software for your computer. After installing, your Dropbox account will already be set up on your computer — no more need to sign in (on Windows, at least).


Several minor changes to the looks of the app’s interface were also observed. For instance, the app now sports a new icon in the App Drawer. The new icon looks simpler and more pleasing than the previous one that had a white round-cornered square as background.


Dropbox also cleaned up its app’s file and folder icons. They now look prettier and more minimalistic. Dropbox has replaced the gradient-filled folder icons with flat and simpler outlined folder icons.


The empty Favorites tab also has new artwork. The previous one had a grayscale drawing, but the updated one has colored drawing and a bit more dynamic design.


The file icons also received a facelift. An entirely new set of file icons are now in place.  Another noticeable change is the removal of file extension text overlays and file type logos on the icons for common file formats.  The overlays were implemented inconsistently in the previous version, so their disappearance is very much welcome.  You’ll no longer see overlay text on file icons for PDF and PPT files, or file type logos for Word and Excel documents.

What do you think of Dropbox’s improved looks and feature for linking a computer with your Dropbox account through the use of the device’s camera? Share your thoughts in the comments section.