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Dropbox for Android receives a new update that focuses on organizing media

The Dropbox application for Android is one of the premier cloud storage applications out there. It is so good, that some OEMs include it with their devices when they ship. Now, Dropbox has received an update that'll help you organize your media a little better. It does so by adding a picture tab, where all of your movies and pictures are easily accessible.
October 12, 2012
Pretty much everyone has heard of Dropbox. When it comes to cloud storage options, there aren’t many that are better. It has an easy web, Android, and iOS interface so no matter how you access Dropbox, it’ll be there to help keep things backed up. Recently, Dropbox for Android got an update to help you better manage your media.

With the update, Dropbox users will notice they now have a pictures tab. It sounds like a minor thing, but there are some out there who have hundreds of pictures and videos uploaded to their Dropbox accounts. Usually these are all grouped in with all the other documents and files. The pictures tab allows them to see just their media at the press of a button.

In addition, Dropbox also updated their mobile website to include the same functionality. So it doesn’t matter if you use the web interface or the Android app, the feature is still there for you. This should be an awesome feature for users who keep a lot of media on their Dropbox accounts. Especially those who upload every photo they take with their camera.

Why is Dropbox suddenly so interested in media organization?

It’s not hard to imagine why. All current Android devices have cameras that people use to capture video or photos. By adding these features, Dropbox is going for that demographic that shoots and shares a lot of pictures and video. When you take a lot of pictures, you want to be sure that they’re safe.

Aside from the picture tab, the update brings a couple of other things. It changed how things are uploaded, likely due to the new pictures tab feature. Also coming with the update are the usual bug fixes and optimizations.

Now that Dropbox is paying more attention to sorting and organizing media, it could help bring people back who left for better media cloud storage. If you use Dropbox, have you tried out the new features yet? Let us know what you thought about them.