The basically ubiquitous Dropbox brings a new update to their cloud-based storage service, bringing the version history up to 2.2.2. If you use Dropbox almost primarily on you mobile devices, there is a new feature that has been introduced – the ability to move files and folders around your storage.

Simply press and hold on the file or folder in question and you will be given a submenu where ‘Move’ can be selected. Then a selection of your entire Dropbox is thrown right back at you, where you can select the ultimate location. It might not be as flashy as a drag and drop interface, but it gets the job done.

You should be getting nudged to update your Dropbox already, but otherwise, get over to the Play Store to get it. And don’t forget to tell your friends about Dropbox – everytime someone signs up, you get more space in your drive. I’m up to 8.5 GB, myself.

Joshua Vergara
Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!