Guess what, ladies and gents, we have a new drop test video for your destructive viewing pleasure. As usual, viewer discretion is advised, while if you’re of feeble spirit or faint-hearted you should probably pass on the clip altogether.

That said, let’s see what we have here. This is not your usual subjective drop test, taking place in a controlled environment and virtually eliminating human error. We also don’t have the regular one or two gadgets drop tested, but no less than six, three from Apple and three from Google.

Basically, what we’re dealing with is an Apple vs Google test pitting the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 on one side against the iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4 on the other. All gadgets are dropped from exactly 4 feet high and, as expected, there’s a lot of bruising and scathing going around.

Surprisingly though, all devices seem to survive the drops, with more severe or lighter injuries. We don’t exactly have a single winner, but we have to say we’re impressed about the iPhone 5 first and foremost. The iPad mini also fared pretty well (not exactly a shocker), while the 10-inch tablet fight looks like a very evenly matched one.

All in all, Apple seems to have won the phone and 7-inch tablet battles, while the 10-incher can either be called a tie or given to Google by a whisker. At least that’s our call after watching the clip, because if you have a different view you can voice it in the comments section below.

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