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Droidicious: Android app for managing Delicious tags and bookmarks

August 9, 2012

Delicious, also known as, is a social bookmarking service focusing on tag-laden bookmarks and scans through every topic that exists in the Internet. Although there is still no word on the official companion app for the Delicious service, there are, however, some third-party Delicious apps that developers have created to bridge the gap.

One of such apps is Droidicious, a promising Android application that integrates with the Delicious service, bringing in new features such as remote access and synchronization with your Delicious account.

Droidicious also brings a holo-themed UI inspired by ICS with full support for Android tablets.  It comes with many other features that will make your bookmarking experience on an Android device truly worthwhile.

For the user-interface, Droidicious brings a tablet-optimized Holo theme that also works well with Android phones. Droidicious brings a lot of features to the table, including integration with your favorite Android browsers, instant sharing with Delicious via compatible apps, auto completion of URLs, instant bookmarking, customizable notifications for sync, sorting of links and tags, uploading tasks automatically, link bookmarking, tag filtering, and adding of optional bookmarks to sync with your Delicious account.

On the app’s home screen, you will be greeted with lists of various tags associated with your bookmarks, as well as the total number of bookmarks beside each tag. The toolbar found at the top houses other options such as adding a custom bookmark, refreshing the app’s content manually, or heading over to the settings screen.

Selecting a tag activates the batch selection mode so that you can easily pick as many tags to instantly view all the relevant bookmarks. If you prefer using the app in landscape mode, you can easily run through all of your content, thanks to the dual-pane design of Droidicious. The left pane lists your tags and search bar, while the right pane houses your bookmarks.

Overall, the app is just a mere extension of Delicious. Bookmarking has never been easier than with the Droidicious application. Like most third-party alternatives, the app does lack the option of accessing custom Stacks, but we do hope that this feature will be made available with the addition of some innovative features such as extensive Stacks management, sneak peek option, social media networking, inbox support, a homescreen widget, and other basic goodies that you could expect from a social media application.

You can download Droidicious Free (delicious) for free to help you manage your Delicious tags and bookmarks. A paid version is also available.

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