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Motorola's Droid Zap app opens up picture sharing to all devices

Motorola has removed device exclusivity from its Droid Zap app, allowing pictures taken by non-DROID Android phones to be posted on the service.
February 10, 2014

You may remember that Motorola’s Droid Zap photo sharing app was given a makeover last month, but apparently that wasn’t enough to boost the app’s struggling popularity. Instead, Droid Zap has now undergone a more fundamental shift, the photo sharing feature has now been opened up to all Android devices.

In case Droid Zap managed to duck under your radar, it’s a social photo sharing service (try saying that quickly) which allows users to search for other Android phones in the area to share picture with. You can send and receive files either publicly or with pin-protection. However, until now users had to own a Motorola DROID banded smartphone in order upload any pictures to the serice, other Android users were limited to a passive viewing experience.

All along, it’s been a perplexing design decision to alienate the largest potential user base from the app’s main functionality, but this latest update finally addresses this fundamental issue with Droid Zap.

Unfortunately, the full experience still hasn’t been made available to everyone. Motorola has also implemented a new Zap Zone feature for Jelly Bean or higher devices, which allows users to upload a timed, live, or shared photo album. This feature has been kept as an exclusive to Motorola DROID devices, sadly it’s the same situation for the app’s send video and regular file features too.

Still, the easy photo sharing option is likely to be useful to all Android users, but I doubt that many will be long term adopters without access to the full feature list. If you’re tempted to give it ago, you can download Droid Zap from the Google Play Store for free.