The latest version of Droid Zap brings a new, more modern look to Verizon’s sharing app, but sadly doesn’t add any new functionality.

The new version of the app is more in line with other recent Android apps. It has the familiar cards layout that anyone who’s used Google+ on Android should be familiar with. There’s also a handy sidebar, which again, most of us probably know all about. The app may use familiar elements, but there’s something to be said for conforming to standards if they work well for your app.

The actual function of the Droid Zap app doesn’t change much in the new version. It still employs a two-finger swipe up gesture to share content with anyone within 300 feet of your phone. There is a pretty big catch, though. Only users with a recent Droid like the Droid Ultra can actually send files using the app. Anyone can download the app to receive files, but it’s only really useful if you have a friend who has a Droid that really likes to use Droid Zap.

Of course, there are other ways to share files between Android phones, though. NFC, MMS, and email are always obvious ways to share content between devices. None of them is really as fancy, but at least they work. Or they should work.

Have you tried using Droid Zap?