Droid videos

You like videos, and we like bringing them to you.

The new Droid devices are more than we thought we’d get, and to say they’re impressive would be less than adequate. Contextual, hands-free, superb processor — the list goes on. Thankfully, Motorola has laid out some cool videos for us, showcasing what the refocussed company thinks really matters.

The videos aren’t long, but they get their point across nicely. Endurance, strength, detail, and intelligence; those are the four attributes Motorola would like us to take away from today’s device announcements, and it seems like the new Droid lineup will deliver. Kevlar body, contextual awareness, great battery life, and beautiful build quality. There’s a lot to love about the new Motorola devices.

Just keep in mind the videos are more about what’s being said that seen, so be sure to turn the sound up a touch. Enjoy!