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Alleged images and specifications of Motorola’s upcoming Droid Turbo were leaked by HelloMotoHK.

We first reported on the Droid Turbo in August, when a source sent us alleged benchmark screenshots of a device codenamed Quark or XT1254, showing a Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 3GB of RAM. A bit later, Verizon’s Droid Landing Twitter account teased a device with fast charging capabilities. Last week, a report from CNET claimed the Droid Turbo would launch sometime in October, and that it would be the only Droid device Motorola is building for Verizon this year.

Now HelloMotoHK, a source with a relatively good track record, published a set of images allegedly showing components of the Droid Turbo, along with a couple of details about the phone.

From the pics, the device will feature a rounded Kevlar unibody and a dual LED flash, while on the front there will be capacitive keys (back, home, and recent apps). It’s not visible in the pictures, but HelloMotoHK claims the Droid Turbo will feature a front mounted speaker and wireless charging.

The leaker claims the Droid Turbo will feature a 5.2-inch display, and judging from the phone’s size compared to the Droid Maxx, that looks very likely. That would result in an excellent 564 ppi density.

HelloMotoHK also published an image that supposedly shows the back plate of the Moto S, a device that in that past was rumored to be a 5.9-incher related to Motorola’s Shamu project.

motorola moto s

Shamu was initially believed to be a Nexus device, while others speculated it might come to market as an Android Silver device called Moto S. Meanwhile, the Android Silver program was reportedly put on hold, and the fate of Shamu remains murky.

Are you impressed with Motorola’s lineup for this year?

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