The Droid RAZR certainly turned some heads back in November. It was probably the most innovative phone I saw all year design and build wise, thanks to its ultra-thin 7.7mm kevlar body. How can many people can say their phone is protected by kevlar? The only reason it didn’t reach its true potential is because a day later the Galaxy Nexus stole most of its thunder, not necessarily because of the hardware or because of its design, but because it had stock Android 4.0. By comparison, the RAZR had what looked like a year old OS, even if it had more recent Gingerbread updates.

Today, Motorola is launching, I guess what they’d consider, a sequel to the RAZR – the RAZR MAXX. This phone is definitely welcome thanks to its almost double the battery life of the RAZR. The problem is this upgrade is what all phones should have. I didn’t realize that phones can hold such large batteries in them, and I thought that those 3rd party ones were mostly a scam, because otherwise why wouldn’t manufacturers use them, too? But if they can use them, then all of them should have a 3000 mAh+ battery from now on.

Another problem with the Maxx is that it infuriates the customers of the original RAZR. Here’s this phone (MAXX) that arrives just 3 months later with pretty much the same specs, but has double the battery life. This is a flawed strategy of Motorola, HTC and others, and I do hope they will quit using it in 2012. Motorola has promised to do it, so hopefully the RAZR MAXX is the last time we see them using this strategy of releasing a slightly upgraded phone every month or two.

What their strategy should be is this: identify 3 or 4 price ranges, than make 1 phone for each, and no sooner than 6 months release a “Plus” version, that comes with some hardware upgrades and the new version of Android, for new customers. So each company should only have “one” flagship per year, but with an upgraded Plus version as a mid-life kicker.

But the new Android version is important, too. And this is another problem with the MAXX. It comes 2 and a half months after Android 4.0 launched, and yet it doesn’t have it at launch. This needs to stop. Once Google announces a new major Android version, they should wait until all their new phones have it before they launch them.

But we can’t have everything, and it might take a while before all the manufacturers get it. So if you liked the RAZR and you’re due for a new phone that has LTE, you can get the RAZR MAXX with a $70 discount, for only $230 at Wirefly.