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With all the patriotism surrounding the Moto X, the Droid lineup didn’t seem to get the same attention. It turns out the new Droid devices won’t be made in the USA, according to a Motorola spokesperson. The anonymous messenger noted “They’re designed in the USA, made in Asia”, according to The Verge.

The Moto X is made at a Motorola facility in Texas, which probably can’t handle the volume associated with running four distinct models out the door. It’s worth noting that the factory is an old Nokia plant, so they may simply not be adequately set up for multiple device runs. Nokia never has had a large number of models in production at once, so it stands to reason their facility wouldn’t have the ability to accommodate the volume.

This isn’t a departure from any status quo, simply a noteworthy head-scratcher. It only serves to make the Moto X more unique, really. Most (if not all) mobile devices are made overseas, making the Droid lineup another great import. The Moto X could be our first great mobile export.

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