Droid mini, Ultra, Maxx

Of the three devices announced today at the Motorola/Verizon event, the Droid Maxx is the biggest and baddest of the three. Like its predecessor, named the Razr Maxx, this one is the battery life monster we all want. In fact, it’s even better than the original!

At 8.5mm, compared to the 9.3mm it was before, the Maxx is still really slight. The original model boasted 32 hours of power from the battery, but the new model promises to run for 48 hours. That’s a staggering statistic, compared to what we’ve come to expect from our devices. The 3500mAh battery also supports wireless charging, and is protected by a kevlar unibody.

The original model boasted 32 hours of power from the battery, but the new model promises to run for 48 hours.

It also sports Motorola’s new X8 processor, which is an eight-core chip sporting four graphics processing cores, two Application processing cores, one core dedicated to contextual awareness, and one natural language core. Moto says that will give us 100% faster GPU, and a 24% faster CPU. Like the other devices in the lineup, the Razr Maxx will also have twice the RAM as before.

Like the Moto X we’ve been hearing so much about, the Droid Maxx has touchless controls built in as well. We’ll be able to make calls, perform searches, and get directions hands free. It seems like this is all done with what Motorola is calling “touchless control”, so it may be proprietary to them for now. It also sports the “Quick Capture” functionality we saw with the Moto X.

For the gaming fans out there, all Droid devices come with Ingress pre-loaded. While that’s great, it’s especially awesome for the Maxx. All-day portal hacking can really sap the life from your device, so the Maxx means you’ll be able to outlast the other side. If you don’t have Ingress, don’t worry. The phone comes with an invite, and allows you to bring five of your friends with you into the game!

If that doesn’t get you going, how about six months of All Access free? Google is extending all Droid users the courtesy of free All Access. Again, cool for all Droid devices, especially cool for the Maxx!

All three are available for pre-order right now at www.droiddoes.com, and they ship starting August 20th. The cost for the Maxx is $299 (subsidized, with a 2-year agreement), which is a small upgrade from the $199 Ultra. For that extra battery life, though, it may be worth it.