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Upgrade HTC Droid Incredible to Android 4.0 with ICS-Deck AOKP ROM

March 1, 2012

We have seen a lot of ICS custom ROMs popping up on the Internet right now. At times, the scene can become confusing. Most of the developers of these custom ROMs would typically say their ROMs are works in progress, which is great. The hard part though is to determine which one is really the best for your specific device.

We came across yet another custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, one exclusively for the HTC Droid Incredible. The ICS-Deck AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the official name of the ROM, was developed by 72ls1, one of the members of XDA Developers.

The custom ROM is based on the Android Open Kang Project or AOKP. As you can see, it is part of its name. This is a ROM development that is similar to Android Open Source Project from Google.

And, as the developers have told us, this ROM is still at its development stage. They are still working on perfecting the build, so if you try this on your own device, you might encounter some bugs here and there.

With that being said, you can really tell that this ROM is not yet for everybody. We can say that this ROM is best for advanced users and not for the average ones.

If you are an HTC Droid Incredible owner and like some adventure, you should definitely try this new ICS ROM. Just make sure that you have some know-how about Android, and, of course, the guts to try this on your device.


This process will void the warranty of your device. If that is a big thing for you, please do not proceed with this guide.

This guide is solely intended to work with the HTC Droid Incredible. Do not attempt to use this on a different device. The custom ROM used in the process will only work with the Droid Incredible.

Read all the steps first before you do anything with your device. This will give you a hint on what will happen next during the installation process.

Use this guide at your own risk.  We shall not be responsible for whatever happens to you or your phone because of your use of this guide.


  • The phone needs to be rooted.
  • ClockworkMod Recovery needs to be installed on the phone.
  • Backup the existing ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • USB data cable for the device.
  • A Windows PC with access to the Internet.
  • The phone needs to be fully charged.


  1. Download the ICS-Deck AOKP custom ROM from here.
  2. Connect the phone to your PC via the USB data cable.
  3. Copy the downloaded ZIP file into the root directory of the phone’s SD card.
  4. Disconnect the phone from the PC.
  5. Turn off the phone.
  6. Boot the device into recovery mode by holding down the Volume Down button and the Power button together.
  7. Select “Wipe Data/Factory reset” from the main menu.
  8. Choose “Wipe Cache Partition” still on the main menu.
  9. Access “Advanced” and then choose “Wipe Dalvik cache”.
  10. Go back to the main menu and then choose “Install zip from SD card”.
  11. Select “Choose zip from sdcard”.
  12. Choose the file you copied earlier, which should be “”.  Confirm that you want to start the install process.
  13. Once the process is completed, go back to the main menu and select “Reboot system now”.

That’s it.  You have now successfully installed Ice Cream Sandwich (via the ICS-Deck AOKP custom ROM) on your HTC Droid Incredible. From now on, you can already enjoy the goodness of Android 4.0 on your device. Congratulations!