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Install MIUI 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on Droid Incredible 2

February 23, 2012

In the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich for the Droid Incredible 2, most users have given up the hope of ever receiving an update. Some have learned to appreciate the default OS running on their devices, while others would risk it just to upgrade their phone.

Members of XDA Developers are alert to the cries of Android users seeking ICS for their phones.  Thus, independent devs seek an alternative way to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to a variety of Android devices.

Through jmztaylor’s MIUI v4 ROM, you can taste the sweetness of Ice Cream Sandwich right on your Droid Incredible 2. Although the ROM is in its alpha build, this will give you hope that a stable version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Droid Incredible 2 is forthcoming.

If you’ve run out of patience for the stable ROM, read on further to learn how to get your first bite of Ice Cream Sandwich on your Droid Incredible 2.


  • Root your Droid Incredible 2 and install ClockworkMod Recovery. (Click here for our rooting guide on Droid Incredible 2.)
  • Download jmztaylor’s MIUI v4 ROM for Droid Incredible 2 here.
  • Fully charge your phone battery.
  • Before flashing the ROM, make a backup of your phone data or transfer all files in your SD card. Your files might be corrupted or erased during ROM installation.


  • This ROM is currently an alpha build. Expect some bugs and malfunctioning features when you install the ROM.
  • This ROM is only designed for the Droid Incredible 2. Do not install this ROM on other devices.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage arising from your use of this guide. Follow this guide at your own risk.


  1. Use your USB cable to connect your Droid Incredible 2 to your PC.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM file to the root of your phone’s microSD card.
  3. Reboot your device into bootloader mode. You can do that by pressing the Volume Down key and Power button simultaneously until the bootloader loads.
  4. While in bootloader mode, use the volume keys to navigate and select “recovery” by tapping the Power button.
  5. Go to Backup & Restore and select Backup to create a backup of your existing working ROM.
  6. Select Wipe data/Factory Reset and confirm your action on the next screen
  7. Select Wipe Cache Partition and confirm your action on the next screen
  8. In the main menu, select Advanced, choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and confirm your action on the next screen.
  9. After wiping all your mobile data, install the MIUI ROM by selecting “Install Zip from sd card” and choose the file you downloaded earlier.
  10. Once installation is complete, go back to the main menu and select “Reboot System” to restart your device into the new MIUI v4 ROM.

Great work! You have successfully upgraded your Droid Incredible 2 to MIUI 4 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.