We told you over the weekend that all of us Droid Bionic owners would be getting an update, but we didn’t know which update it would be. It could have been the mistakenly rolled out .901 update, or the leaked .902 update or even Ice Cream Sandwich (which seemed very unlikely). The image above has leaked out onto Verizon’s support website and the change log is pretty short but the important changes are there. Including “data connectivity and stability improvements” along with a fix for the Black screen lockups many of us have seen.

The update is just 57.6MB in size. Go to Settings > About Phone> System Updates and check to see if the update is ready for you too. Hit up the comments and let us know when it shows up on your device, it hasn’t yet shown up on mine. Let us know if you see any data drops or Black Screen of Death (BSOD) after this update, we are interested to see if this really fixes all the problems.