If you are fond of installing custom ROMs and you own a Motorola Droid Bionic, you might want to consider a much safer way to flash those custom ROMs.

Aptly called Safestrap Recovery, this custom recovery stays away from your phone’s primary system when flashing to the phone or altering the phone in a significant way.  This way, experts claim, is much safer than the usual bootstrap recovery.  Safestrap Recovery is intended for phones with locked bootloaders.

It is very frustrating at times when your excitement for your a new ROM gets spoiled because you get caught in a boot-loop after flashing it.  Or, worse, you are using Bootstrap and you cannot access recovery to revert to your previous OS. Sometimes it’s just a minor case, but there are also times that the damage to your phone is irreversible. Luckily for you, there’s now a way to avoid this from happening to your device.

Safestrap Recovery is just like Bootstrap, but it is much safer in the sense that when you flash a ROM, you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong while flashing because you can access recovery from boot. You can then easily restore the OS that you backed up. Aside from that, when your phone has a locked bootloader, you can use Safestrap Recovery for your phone.

How Safestrap Works

Safestrap works by limiting the changes in your primary system and only flash to a secondary system on your device.  Safestrap has three essential components: the Safestrap app (APK), Safestrap Recovery,  and the hijack. Let’s discuss the three items separately in a more detailed manner.

Safestrap app (APK)

This first part basically works as the foundation for the two other parts of Safestrap. It works by allowing you to install the two other parts through the “Install Recovery” button in the app. Also, it acts as an indicator from where you can check if you have a current recovery installed, what version, installed or not, or if it’s an old version of recovery.

Safestrap Recovery

This second component of Safestrap is just like ClockworkMod Recovery with a few modified features. In fact, Safestrap Recovery is based on ClockworkMod Recovery.  So, the options and menus will be essentially familiar.

In contrast to the regular ClockworkMod Recovery, Safestrap Recovery has a “Safestrap Menu” at the bottom of the main menu.  It also shows “Safe System: ENABLED/DISABLED” at the top of the menu.

When Safestrap is operating in non-safe mode, it won’t let you flash ZIP packages into your phone.  And, if you do want to flash ZIP packages, they will be flashed to the secondary system (thus, keeping your main system safe).


This is what makes Safestrap work.  Call it the hijack or the exploit.  It is installed to your primary system when you install Safestrap Recovery.

Installing Safestrap Recovery on the Motorola Droid Bionic

NOTE: Use the information in this article at your own risk.  We shall not be responsible for any damage arising from your use of this information.  DO NOT keep two bootstraps on your Droid Bionic.  Either you use Safestrap alone or another bootstrap, but never use both.

  1. Make a backup of all your important personal data (e.g., contacts, SMS, call logs, files and Internet settings).  This is not really necessary but is worth doing so you will have a backup  in case something goes wrong.)
  2. Uninstall any Bootstrap app currently installed in your Droid Bionic.
  3. Double-check that you don’t have any other Bootstrap app on your Droid Bionic.  Remove them all before proceeding.
  4. Download the Safestrap app (APK) from here. Current version for the Droid Bionic is 1.07.
  5. Install the Safestrap app to your Droid Bionic.
  6. Launch the Safestrap app on your phone.
  7. Read the disclaimer.
  8. Read the disclaimer again.
  9. Agree to the disclaimer.
  10. Tap the “Install Recovery” button in the Safestrap app.
  11. Reboot your phone.
  12. You will see a new splash screen when your phone boots up. Press the Menu button while the splash screen is showing.  This will let you enter Safestrap Recovery.  In fact, this is how you enter Safestrap Recovery.

You can now flash custom ROMs in a much safer way with Safestrap Recovery on your Droid Bionic.

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