Hopefully this means the Droid 4 is pretty close on the horizon? I don’t know about you, but I wish Motorola and Verizon would release this phone already. But unfortunately all we have for you are an image of Droid 4 cases at an indirect Verizon retailer, no other news.

But normally when we see accessories for a specific phone start to surface it means the said device will be released very soon. I expect to see the Droid 4 announced and shown off at CES later this month and hopefully a release coming within the next month. So hopefully you die hard Motorola Droid fans can get your Droid 4 by February. It seems everyday we are seeing more pictures and rumors of the Droid 4, and with the Droid 3 hitting the list of EOL devices this month the successor to the Droid 3 should be in our hands very soon.

Hopefully this news can help you pass the days of waiting for the Droid 4 before it comes out and you make your way to your local Verizon, Best Buy, or other Verizon retailer.

Anyone out there looking forward to the Droid 4? Any other phones you’re looking forward to hearing about at CES? Let us know in the comments.