A quick question for fans of Draw Something, do you still doodle on a daily basis?

If you said no, it seems you’re not the only one who have become disenchanted with the game. In the last few months, Appdata reveals that the number of daily users of the game has dropped from a 14 million high to just 7.6 million users. With Draw Something’s star getting dimmer by the day, it’s only to be expected that Zynga and OMGPOP are trying to inject some new excitement back into the game, coupled with a “fresh new look!”

Some new features of the game that users will get include the ability to choose special words to draw from over 30 funny categories, but you have to use your bombs. On top of that, there are more than 900 new words to draw as well. While the game can now be played in 13 languages, users are still stuck with the option of choosing only English words to draw.

As for people who have been slacking off on their Draw Something duty, you will now get a notification of when those inactive games are about to expire, which will hopefully prompt you to get your doodle on.

It remains to be seen whether the update will be enough to draw users back to the game or not. Zynga certainly hopes so. But what do you think? Have you given up trying to get in touch with your inner creative side? How often do you load up Draw Something on your Android devices?