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Zynga is fattening up the cash cow: Draw Something to get big update

March 28, 2012

The rising giant of the casual gaming world, Zynga, has recently acquired OMGPOP, the struggling game developer behind the hugely popular Draw Something game for Android and iOS. Now, it seems that Zynga is hard at work whipping Draw Something into even better form, to ensure that the Pictionary-style game maintains its momentum.

Just days after the $180 million acquisition was announced, we found out that a huge update to Draw Something is coming, one that has the game’s legions of fans very excited. And for good reason – the upcoming features will give the game some much needed polish. If you got an email yesterday from Zynga/OMGPOP, you probably already know about these changes, but just in case you didn’t, here’s the gist of it.

Draw Something: New Features & Changes

As you probably know, Zynga is laser-focused on the social side, more precisely, on building communities around its casual game titles. So, a lot of the new features that will be added to Draw Something reflect Zynga’s social obsession, although quite a few are based on popular demand. Here are the changes:

  • Drawings can now be shared via Facebook or Twitter. This is an update that is mostly aimed at iOS users, but Android fans will welcome it as well.
  • You’ll  be able to save your drawings to your device’s photo library (a feature that was requested by many users). As of now, Draw Something doesn’t have a save option, meaning that your “masterpieces” are forever lost with each new round. Sure, you can take screenshots (which many people did), but not everyone can do this and not on every phone. The save drawing option is probably one of the best features that are being added into the game.
  • An Undo button is being added for your last brush stroke.
  • Additional words are being added (finally!)
  • Android devices will now get notifications (also a frequent fan request).
  • The max streak number will be set to 999.
  • Game speed and performance will be improved.

Like any game, Draw Something has some problems that require urgent fixing. The bug fixes will include:

  • Fixing a known bug that caused the game to crash.
  • Fixing display errors.
  • Fixing bugs that caused the bombs and coins to no longer display.

Where is Draw Something heading?

Draw Something is at the top of the Google Play Store games charts (well, Angry Birds Space took the first spot, but DS is still in top 3), holding for many weeks the first position in both free and paid app charts. The relatively small download makes the app easy to acquire and start playing. The sense of competitive play and the sharing of ideas between players really make the Draw Something experience enjoyable.


Zynga spent A LOT of money to buy the game from the OMGPOP, and you can be sure they want to get their money’s worth! There is no doubt that Zynga will keep improving and promoting Draw Something, but just what the future holds is uncertain. In just a few weeks, Draw Something may be a thing of the past. Or who knows – it may go on to achieve Angry Birds-level fame…

For now, lets focus on this big update that made many obsessive-compulsive scribblers so happy. What are your thoughts? Will you enjoy the game even more now?