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Draw Something gets new “drawsome” features

April 20, 2012
draw something

Draw Something, the app that has united millions of iOS and Android device owners in a world-spanning doodling frenzy, has received some major updates yesterday. So what has OMGPOP, now owned by Zynga (after splashing out $180 million) added to the game?

As far as cosmetic changes go, the updated Draw Something has a new snazzy intro and nicer graphics. In terms of functional enhancements, the biggest change is the fact that players can now leave comments to others once they finished their masterpiece. You can say sorry in advance for your potentially terrible depiction of Kate Winslet or brag about it, if you’re a better than average doodler.

Social sharing was high on the wish list of many players and it’s something that the updated version of Draw Something has. You can now share the pictures on Facebook or Twitter – a feature that gamers have been gagging to have since forever. The pictures you drew can also be e-mailed or saved as your phone’s wallpaper.

OMGPOP has tweaked the game’s mechanics as well, as you’re now allowed to undo the last line you drew thanks to the “easy undo” function. There’s also a new option that lets you refresh an image simply by pulling it down. For Draw Something fanatics who felt that the game’s 99-streak limited their creativity, the developers has increased the streak to 999 in the latest version.

Along with the new update, OMGPOP’s CEO said that there will be a dozen or more celebrity names added to the game’s list of words to draw. According to him, “Every week, we rotate a bunch of new words through the game and take out older words. We look at music charts, TV, movie releases, and the like to take the pulse of what’s popular and include it in the game.”

The updates will no doubt please the 50 million people who’ve downloaded Draw Something since its availability, just two months ago. Did you know that over 6 billion drawings have been created in OMGPOP’s top-smasher?? Go ahead and share one of your best creative moments with us below.